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USF Armenian Studies

Armenian Studies at the USF Libraries Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center The Armenian Studies Initiative builds research collections in English, Armenian, and other languages; offers programming in Armenian history and culture; positions Armenia squarely in the historical and policy debates… View Exhibition

Greek Community Documentation Project

The Greek Community of Tarpon Springs is the result of a collaboration between the City of Tarpon Springs' Center for Gulf Coast Folklife and the University of South Florida Library's Special & Digital Collections.It represents a key component of the Center'sGreek Community Documentation… View Exhibition

Oppenheimer Family

On the morning of December 8, 1941, the Nazi SS forced Erika Mannheimer and her family from their home in Bad Wildungen, Germany and sent them to Riga Ghetto in Latvia. After a 3 day journey by train, without food and water, they reached the ghetto where they found "empty houses, burnt out… View Exhibition

The University of South Florida: A Historic Overview

For such a young institution, the University of South Florida has a colorful and remarkable history of innovation and growth. Opened as a university bereft of dormitories or athletics, USF has climbed the ranks from obscure upstart to a major player among the nation's institutions of higher… View Exhibition

Art of the Poison Pens: A Century of American Political Cartoons

Art of the Poison Pens: A Century of American Political Cartoons is a testament to the long-standing and vital role that the visual arts have played in the construction of an American political identity. Sometimes cartoons mock, cajole, poke, prod, offend and embarrass their subjects, while at other… View Exhibition

Five Hundred Years of Discovering Florida

This exhibit was prepared by eleven students for an Honors College class "Major Works/Ideas" in the Spring of 2012. Under the supervision of librarian-instructor Andy Huse, each student's assignment was to present an aspect of Florida's history or culture using only materials from USF Tampa… View Exhibition

The History of Minstrelsy

This exhibit explores the history of minstrelsy, its significance in American history and theater, and its enduring legacy. Utilizing materials fromtheUSF Tampa Library's Special CollectionsAfrican American Sheet Music Collection, it is possible to trace the history of blackface minstrelsy from… View Exhibition

Portraying Courage: Holocaust Survivors in Voice & Image

In the Fall of 2010, the USF Tampa Library Department of Special and Digital Collections partnered with the Florida Holocaust Museum to present an exhibit entitled “Art and Autobiography: Holocaust Survivor Portraits by Nava Mentkow.” This digital exhibition of portraits and testimonies… View Exhibition

Living a Genocide: The Children of Darfur

Children bear the brunt of any armed conflict and tend to be viewed as victims, although they are rarely given a platform to describe their experiences. This online exhibition features drawings by Darfuri children living in refugee camps in Eastern Chad. They represent eyewitness accounts of… View Exhibition

Speaking Out About Genocide: The Voices of Survivors, Upstanders, and Experts

Throughout the 20th century, genocides were perpetrated across the globe. Governments attempted to exterminate entire classes of their citizens based on religion, race, or ethnicity. Tribal and clan prejudices led to civil wars where hundreds of thousands were killed, injured, and/or left homeless… View Exhibition