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The Tampa Bay Estuary: An Oral History of Community Collaboration to Restore Ecological Integrity

Welcome to the Tampa Bay Estuary Oral History Project with an introductory video by our sponsor TECO Energy. Enter and navigate the exhibit by clicking on the chapter titles to the left. View Exhibition

Florida Digital Postcards Exhibit

Florida Digital Postcard Exhibit The Florida Digital Postcard exhibit is a curated presentation of the digitized images from The Hampton Dunn Florida Postcard collection housed in the University of South Florida Libraries Special Collections. An output of the first stage in the full-scale… View Exhibition

The "Witch Hunt" at USF: Experiencing the Johns Committee Through Primary Resources

This exhibit will introduce viewers to the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (or Johns Committee) through primary sources held by USF Tampa's Special Collections and made available online through the library's digitization unit. The Florida Legislative Investigation Committee digital… View Exhibition

Once Upon a Homecoming

Once upon a time in what would become Bulls Country, there grew a university with no traditions, no dormitories, no mascot, no athletics, and a small-campus identity. Here at the University of South Florida, traditions slowly developed as its programs and amenities grew, culminating in an annual… View Exhibition

Alicia Appleman-Jurman: Her Story and Beyond

Alicia Appleman-Jurman was only 11 years old when the Nazis invaded & occupied her homeland of Poland. Alicia survived World War II & the Jewish Holocaust. Alicia: My Storyis the inspiring account of her survival and recounts through the eyes of one the brutality perpetrated on… View Exhibition

USF Armenian Studies

Armenian Studies at the USF Libraries Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center The Armenian Studies Initiative builds research collections in English, Armenian, and other languages; offers programming in Armenian history and culture; positions Armenia squarely in the historical and policy debates… View Exhibition

Greek Community Documentation Project

The Greek Community of Tarpon Springs is the result of a collaboration between the City of Tarpon Springs' Center for Gulf Coast Folklife and the University of South Florida Library's Special & Digital Collections.It represents a key component of the Center'sGreek Community Documentation… View Exhibition

Oppenheimer Family

On the morning of December 8, 1941, the Nazi SS forced Erika Mannheimer and her family from their home in Bad Wildungen, Germany and sent them to Riga Ghetto in Latvia. After a 3 day journey by train, without food and water, they reached the ghetto where they found "empty houses, burnt out… View Exhibition

The University of South Florida: A Historic Overview

For such a young institution, the University of South Florida has a colorful and remarkable history of innovation and growth. Opened as a university bereft of dormitories or athletics, USF has climbed the ranks from obscure upstart to a major player among the nation's institutions of higher… View Exhibition

Art of the Poison Pens: A Century of American Political Cartoons

Art of the Poison Pens: A Century of American Political Cartoons is a testament to the long-standing and vital role that the visual arts have played in the construction of an American political identity. Sometimes cartoons mock, cajole, poke, prod, offend and embarrass their subjects, while at other… View Exhibition