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Fight Against Tuberculosis

TB was a frightening illness that could infect anyone.  This fact, along with the disease's ability to attack the younger generations, led the government to try and find an effective treatment plan along with a possible cure. One of the methods the government used to gain money for research was the selling of Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Bonds.  These bonds talked about “fighting our enemy” of TB. A bond from 1945 states that, “Even after victory in the war against human enemies has been achieved, the battle against tuberculosis must continue….The time to fight Tuberculosis is NOW!” The government did not only sell these bonds, they also had the local Health Association write letters to local businesses to try and gain support.  This support may have included the company buying bonds or putting the pressure on employees to buy bonds. A letter from the Hillsborough County Tuberculosis and Health Association tried to persuade and pressure the president of the Federation of Women’s Clubs to give favor and support to the cause of Tuberculosis Bonds. The government also sent pamphlets and brochures encouraging people to go and get a chest X-Ray to see if they had the disease.