Mad Nancy

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Full Title: Mad Nancy, the Fenian Fortune Teller: A Tale of the Irish Republic

Author: Augustus L. Jones

Published: New York, 1866

Description: Mad Nancy is a dime novel that follows a faction of the Fenian Brotherhood in Kilkieran Bay, who are fighting to free Ireland from the tyranny of English rule. With the help of their fortune-telling ally, the titular Mad Nancy, the Brotherhood is able to gather intel about the enemy and detect spies in their ranks. As a result, they are able to save several important members of the movement, including James Stephens, who participated in the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848. In addition to tapping into Irish nationalism, the novel does not shy away from the deplorable conditions the people of Ireland suffered through during the potato famine, and thus shows the desperation that drove men and women to band together and fight for a free Ireland.