Young King Kerry

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Full Title: Young King Kerry The Irish Rob Roy; or The Lost Lilly of Killarney

Author: Allyn Draper

Published: New York, August 10, 1904

Description: Set in Killarney, Ireland, the dime novel follows the outlaw “King Kerry”: a Robin Hood-esque figure who torments the wealthy English landowners who have stolen the lands of his people. He finds a nemesis in the son of an English earl named Grandon, who is banished to Ireland to tend the family estate there. The clashes between the two glorify the fugitive King Kerry as the hero while painting the landlord as the villain. In the end, King Kerry rescues his love (the Lilly of Killarney herself) and triumphs over the oppressive English who attempted to steal her from him. Though a work of fiction, the tensions between the native Irish and the occupying English in the period are all too apparent, and the portrayal of the rogue King Kerry as a hero speaks of pro-Irish sentiment in the face of Englishmen and Americans alike who dismissed the Irish as heathens and barbarians.