The Shaughraun

Full Title: The Shaughraun

Author: Dion Boucicault

Debuted: New York, 1874

Description: The Shaughraun is a play "illustrative of Irish life and character" by Irish-American actor and playwright Dion Boucicault. It follows three couples who attempt to pursue their relationships while seeking freedom from the wrongly accused Robert Folliott, whose land and fiancee the villain Kinchela seeks to take for himself. The word "shaughraun" means "wanderer", and the titular shaughraun of the play is the character Conn, who was originally played by Boucicault himself. Though a drinking vagabond, he is in love with the niece of a priest, and serves as both comic relief and as an identifiable hero as he attempts to both save Robert while gaining the acceptance of the priest. 

This is Dion Boucicault's copy of the play, and it includes numerous handwritten notes on everything from stage construction to character insights.