Sherril Claus

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Joshua Hume and Kristina Hernandez interview Sherril Claus, a very proud Scot and a volunteer at the Dunedin Historical Museum, about her Celtic heritage. Ms. Claus details Dunedin’s Scottish background and talks at length about the Scottish tartan tradition. She then speaks to her own ancestry, which she traces back to Clan Gunn and Clan Lamont. Ms. Claus embraces her Celtic roots in many ways; she comments on her experience with making kilts, visiting Scottish castles, cooking traditional cuisine, tracing her genealogy, celebrating holidays, partaking in Scottish politics, and belonging to the Protestant church. Ms. Claus then speaks at length about the historical context of Celtic symbols, going into great detail about the conflicts between different clans. The interview concludes with a brief discussion of Celtic archetypes in pop culture.