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USF Irish Studies


Thanks to generous donations by James J. Harkins, Patrick Garland, Michael Krauss, and the family of Francis J. Thompson, USF Special Collections is home to a growing Irish Studies collection.

In Spring 2016, USF offered the course “The Irish in America” for the first time. Students were given the option to conduct oral histories with community members who claimed heritage from one or more of the seven Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man, Cornwall, or Galicia. The students worked in pairs, prepared their questions ahead of time, and conducted the interviews either at USF Library or the Dunedin Historical Museum. These interviews were transcribed by the library’s Digital Scholarship Services unit, and are now available as part of the Celtic Heritage Oral History Project. This collection will grow each year as more students in the “Irish in America” class contribute their oral histories. Students in this class also “adopt” objects from USF Special Collections for mid-term research projects; those items are also featured here.

History Department intern, Nicole Leisen, edited and crafted the students submissions into this exhibit, which will be augmented in Spring 2017 after the next group of students in the "Irish in America" complete their projects.

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