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Marbled Godwit

August A. “Gus” Muench

James “Jimmy” Youngman

Jacob F. Stowers

Photograph of TECO Energy President and Chief Executive Officer John B. Ramil.

Janice K. Platt

Edgar O. Morris

George E. Henderson

George S. “Skip” Gandy IV

Dr. William K. Fehring

Richard M. Eckenrod

George S. “Skip” Gandy IV speaks about growing up on Davis Island.

Jacob F. Stowers speaks about the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's role in Tampa Bay.

James A. Rodgers speaks about environmental interventions in Tampa Bay.

John B. Ramil speaks about TECO Energy's technological interventions.

Ann F. Paul speaks about the 19th century fashion craze for womens' hats and its impact on the egret population.

Edgar O. Morris speaks about environmental issues in Tampa Bay.

J. O. Roger Johansson speaks about estuary restoration.

William J. Fonferek speaks about protecting nesting areas around Tampa Bay.

Dr. William K. Fehring speaks about the activities of the Tampa Port Authority.

Richard M. Eckenrod speaks about the SWIM program.

Frank M. Dunstan speaks about the importance of the Spoil Islands.