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  • Collection: Cuban revolutionaries timeline

Placeholder Candidate 1.jpg
An engraving of Cuban revolutionaries fighting from palm trees

Doctor Diego Tamayo.jpg
An image of Dr. Diego Tamayo Figuredo from the Havana newspaper "La Caricatura"

Doctor Felipe Gonzalez Sarrain.jpg
An image of Doctor Felipe González Sarrain y Saenz from the Havana newspaper La Caricatura.

Dr. Rafael Montoro.jpg
Doctor Rafael Montoro, a prominent Cuban lawyer, as portrayed in the Havana newspaper La Caricatura

Dr. Alfredo Zayas.jpg
Dr. Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso was the elder brother of the slain revolutionary Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas y Alfonso. He served as both President and Vice-President of Cuba.

Dr. Miguel Figueroa.jpg
Dr. Miguel Figueroa, a lawyer, was a prominent figure in the Cuban Autonomist party, as well as active in the fight against slavery.

Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes.jpg
The Afro-Cuban poet Gabriel de la Concepcíon Valdés (Plácido) was famous for his works lambasting the Spanish colonial government. After being accused of involvement in an anti-slavery conspiracy, he was executed. La Caricatura provides the text…

No se (may be General Dr. Eusebio Hernandez).jpg
This portrait has been tentatively identified as General Doctor Eusebio Hernandez, a Cuban revolutionary and esteemed gynecologist.
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