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A large crowd gathers inside Teddy’s Pavilion for a festive occasion at Sunset Beach in the 1940s. George Pappas stands in the left foreground.

Outside their gift store on Pinellas Avenue in 1948 are children Costas Pappas, Fanitsa and Theodosios Frantzis, and adults Katherine Esfakis Pappas, her father-in-law Costas George Pappas, and sister-in-law Zula Pappas Frantzis. Katherine was raised…

Members of the Men’s Halki Society pose in front of the Philoptochos Society building on Hope Street in the early 1950s. In the front row are, left to right, George Pappas, John Nefton, Costas “Dinio” Klimantos, Diamantis Leonis; in the second…
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