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Darfuri Children's Drawings

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Map of Sudan
Administrative map of the Republic of Sudan. Map No. 4458 Rev.2

Sudan (Darfur) - Chad Border Region: Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed Villages
The map indicates Refugee camps in Eastern Chad that were occupied by Darfuri civilians and the population of each of the camps by September 2004. Also shown are internally displaced persons camps in Darfur.

Registered Refugee Camps Population: Eastern Chad as of 29 February 2008.
Map shows refugee camps in Eastern Chad and the population in each camp. These were camps that housed refugees who ran away from the conflict in Darfur region of Sudan.

Darfur, Sudan: Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed Villages, February 2003-December 2009.
Map displays villages that were attacked and destroyed in each year in Darfur Region between the 2003 and 2009.

Darfur, Sudan Update: Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed Villages; February 2003 - December 2010.
Map presents a very clear image of the systematic destruction of villages in Northern, Western and Southern Darfur by the government of Sudan's military and militia groups. It shows villages that were confirmed to have been totally destroyed, those…

Darfur Insecure Areas.
The entire region of Darfur, Sudan is mapped to clearly show the different levels of perceived insecurity in the year 2003 and early 2004 when the conflict was gaining momentum and spreading. The map also shows newly opened camps for internally…

Darfour: Carte des Rébellions = Map of Rebellions in Darfur.
Shows the zone in Eastern Chad where Darfuri refugees were staying. The map also covers the distribution of tribes/ ethnic groups in the Darfur region.

Sudan's Military barracks in Darfur have been mapped including areas where violent clashes…

Eastern Chad and Darfur, Sudan: Selected Imagery of IDP/Refugee Camps and Confirmed Damaged/Destroyed Villages.
Shows Darfuri refugee camps in Eastern Chad.

The map clearly shows which villages are confirmed to have been damaged and which villages are completely destroyed in 2007 in the Darfur region of Sudan. By 2007, 1,195 Darfuri villages had been…

This is a clip from, What the Heart Remembers: The Women and Children of Darfur. By Fanni Green & Jeanne Travers. Dir. Green, F. & Travers, J. University of South Florida Theatre 2, Tampa, Fl. 20-21 November, 2010. Performance. The video…

The video clip shows women in a village mourning the death of a child who was killed in the conflict in Darfur by members of a militia group.

This is a video clip from the performance, What the Heart Remembers: The Women and Children of Darfur. By Fanni Green & Jeanne Travers. Dir. Green, F. & Travers, J. University of South Florida Theatre 2, Tampa, Fl. 20-21 November, 2010.…

Darfuri children living in a refugee camp are singing and playing despite having lived through painful moments when their villages were attacked by militia groups.

Waging Peace: a credible NGO?
This article was written by Justice and Equality Movement (JEMS), a militia group in Darfur. JEMS is very critical the work that Waging Peace, a British Non-governmental organization was doing in Darfur region and in Eastern Chad. The article goes on…

In the name of Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful.
The drawing by a Darfuri child depicts a woman being raped inside a house while there is an exchange of fire between men in a pickup truck and some on foot. On the upper part of the drawing is a man trying to destroy a house.

Arabic text in the…

Abducting a woman from a village in Darfur.
Drawing that depicts Sudanese soldiers abducting women at gunpoint and leading them away from their village. Some soldiers are hiding in trees and ambushing villagers. Airplanes and helicopters are targeting homes and setting them on fire.

This drawing by a 15-year-old Darfuri girl depicts armed Janjaweed militia on horses and camels coming to attack her village. The drawing also shows women who had gone to the market being abducted at gunpoint by Janjaweed militia.

Arabic text in…

Throwing boy in fire.
This drawing depicts Sudan's military and the Janjaweed militia group attacking a village in Darfur. Some civilians had their heads covered with a sack before being shot dead. Some children had their hands tied and were thrown into a fire while a…

Stealing livestock.
Drawing that depicts the Janjaweed militia stealing livestock from a village in Darfur while military helicopters and tanks bomb village homes.

Arabic text on the drawing translates to, "Village of Taba (or Kaba), bloc #2, Sector (N), camp…

Combat troops.
Arabic text in the drawing translates to, "Salahuddin Abdaljabbar Bash, 4th grade. Farm, fourth grade zone A, mountain." On the back side of the drawing is Arabic text that translates to, "In the name of Allah the compassionate and the merciful."…

Air Force bombing civilians.
Drawing that depicts a Sudanese military helicopter and jet bombing of a village in Darfur. Also depicts unarmed civilians being shot with high caliber machine guns mounted on trucks.

Arabic text on the drawing translates to, "Badrya Khamees…

Village in Darfur on fire.
Drawing that depicts a Darfuri village burning after being bombed by the Sudanese military. Also shows villagers trying to escape with their livestock.

Arabic text on the drawing translates to the name, "Zahr."

Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) was a rebel group that fought the government of Sudan and repulsed government and Janjaweed attacks on civilians. Drawings shows SLA fighters on foot, riding in trucks, and carrying machine guns as they confront the…

Sudan Liberation Army.
Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), a rebel group, took up armed and fought the government of Sudan and Janjaweed militia in-order to save civilians from massive airstrikes and also on land. Arabic text on the drawing translates to, "Full name: Adam…