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A barker sells programs in a ballpark, labeled “State Department.” Players mill about wearing baseball shirts with the name of either “Nixon’s” or “Johnson’s” on them.
Video of Ann Telnaes describing and showing the process used to create her animated editorial cartoons for the Washington Post.

A man, identified as “U.S. Business,” is being startled by a pumpkin that looks like Franklin Roosevelt, which is in turn startled by the man.

A jet, labeled “Arab Arms Sales,” pulls into a hangar, labeled “Congress.” The person waving him in says, “Okay, Sheik, here comes the hard part.”

A Nazi officiating a wedding salutes the bride and groom. Behind the official are armed guards and a bust of Adolph Hitler. A Nazi cupid tosses flowers at the couple.

Characters depicted as the League of Nations (saying, “I got beaten up on election day”), Booze (saying, “Have a heart, Sam”), the Democratic party (saying, “I been in a fight and got licked”), Japanese Colonizers (saying, “I lika get…

Secretary of War William Howard Taft strides with luggage past the “dogs of war.” On his luggage are emblems from around the world. A tag on his arm reads, “The bearer is O. K. Give him a good time—T. R. (Theodore Roosevelt).” Behind him…

This cartoon depicts “Washington bureaucracy” looking at a beggar and gesturing to an overflowing file cabinet labeled, “Studies on our Malnourished.” While Washington bureaucracy says, “We have spared no expense,” the beggar holds a cup…

A thin man, representing the national economy, stands before a fun house mirror. His mirror image, which has a bloated abdomen labeled “Inflation” and thin arms labeled “Unemployment,” tells him, “You are not the fairest of them all!”

Cartoon drawing that depicts two rockets crossing paths. A donkey (representing the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress), riding the rocket on the right, labeled “Gov. Deficit Spending,” goes up. An “Everyman,” riding the rocket…

Cartoon drawing of a man depicted as a hillbilly fending off cold weather in order to save his victory garden during World War II.

Cartoon drawing depicting an “everyman” character dressed as a rancher contemplating a roadblock, labeled “Inflation,” as a truck approaches on a road with a sign pointing toward “Recovery.”

Cartoon drawing of a man reading a help wanted poster and considering taking a job in a factory during World War II. However, an imp on his shoulder convinces him that the job would be too dirty. The man goes home and abashedly learns that his wife…

Cartoon drawing of four tableaus. The upper left depicts Benito Mussolini as an “Italian Dictator” in a window. The upper right depicts Adolph Hitler as a “German Dictator” in a window “20 stories above the street, out of pistol range.”…

Cartoon animation of a woman, wearing an American flag t-shirt, whose body is slowly covered with hand prints of states that require ultrasounds before abortions.

Cartoon animation of two groups of people during health care debates. Two flood lights illuminate a crowd of protestors, labelled "what we're talking about." Protestors' signs read: "No health insurance mandate," "Hands off my Medicare," "Nobama,"…

An elephant, labeled “Congressional G.O.P.,” looks at its trunk which is coiled like a snake and labeled, “Tea Party.” The caption reads, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

This cartoon depicts an elaborate caduceus with a Democratic donkey on the left, “John Q. Public” in the center, and a Republican elephant on the right. There are at least five snakes coiled malevolently among the characters. Below the caduceus…

A pot sits on a stove and tells three kettles, representing General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, “Yer bloated, over-extended, and out of touch!”

President George W. Bush, with crossed arms and wearing an outfit reminiscent of Little Lord Fauntleroy, stomps his right foot and declares, “I still want more war!!!”

Two turtle heads, one labeled “Judios” (Jews) and the other labeled “Palestinos” (Palestinians) emerge from a single turtle shell. Each points to itself and says, “Es MI Casa!! (It’s MY house!!)

A doctor tries to reach his patient with a stethoscope, but a man with a clipboard, labeled “Medicine as Business,” stands between the doctor and his patient.

A large crater divides the Capitol Building. An elephant, representing the Republicans, stands on the left. A donkey, representing the Democrats, stands on the right, holding a noose. The elephant says, “In the name of bipartisanship, throw me a…

Speaker of the House of Representatives and Georgia representative Newt Gingrich, dressed as a tailor, presents Florida Governor Lawton Chiles with a too-small jacket, labeled “Block Grant.” Gingrich says, “There you go…a perfect fit!”…
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