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Glenn M Dykes Interview Clip.mp4
Glenn Dykes recalls his history as a sanitary engineer in Florida, describing the affordability of water and the distinctions between obtaining water from Florida's tap water system and for-profit water dispensaries.

GlennMDykesScreenshot copy.jpg
Screenshot taken from video recorded interview between Dr. E. Charlton Prather (Left) and Glenn M. Dykes (Right).

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.42.39 PM.png
Screenshot of John Dame taken from video recorded oral history interview with Dr. E. Charlton Prather.

Profile of George Gehres, MPH. A retired public health official from the State of Florida. This image is a cropped screenshot from an oral history interview between Mr. Gehres and Dr. E. Charlton "Skeeter" Prather.

Buff HIV:AIDS Crisis.mp4
Working with only 7 people in the laboratory, Elsie Buff discusses the overwhelming volume of incoming samples during the HIV/AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. "Buff" also briefly interjects about the testing kit's high false positive rate.

George_Gehres Glass Door Research.mp4
Dr. George Gehres recalls a pilot study he ran during the 1980s to study recorded incidents of people running through sliding glass doors using hospital records in Dade County. Vignette of a full interview between Dr. E. Charlton Prather and Dr.…

Accompanying note: "Bill Bigler worked for Florida Department of Health. Rabies outbreak of 1972... 'Tag and release.'"

In 1997, Governor Lawton Chiles signed a bill in effect dissolving the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and dividing its roles between the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Families.

Accompanying note: "With…

Clip from a larger interview between Dr. E. Charlton Prather and Dr. Richard Hodes. In the video, Dr. Hodes discusses what he did during his first year serving in the Florida House of Representatives to establish a medical school at the University of…

Video Clip of Interview Between Elsie E. Buff and Dr. E. Charlton Prather

Scanned photograph of John Herschel Dame

in this clip taken from a larger interview, Dr. Mahan discusses the importance of a well-funded public health system and significance of a strong public health force, regardless of the state of Florida's widespread health.

Dr Charles Mahan 2.mp4
Dr. E. Charlton Prather interviews nationally recognized expert of maternal and child health, Dr. Charles Mahan, a former Florida deputy secretary for health and dean for the USF College of Public Health. In this excerpt from the full interview, Dr.…

Sowder M.D.F II.mp4
In this vignette of the interview between Dr. Prather and Dr. Sowder, Dr. Sowder describes how he dealt with a prevailing staff shortage during the initial years of the First World War as tens of thousands of American troops were waiting to be…

Image from Florida's official public health web site made for the 125th anniversary of public health in the state.

Photo of Dr. E. Charlton Prather taken from Tampa Bay Times article, "Bill Damages Florida's Efforts to Promote Public Health"by E. Charlton Prather and Charles Mahan.

HRS Public Health Services tent set up to help victims of Hurricane Andrew.

Public health bus from New York to assist victims of Hurricane Andrew.
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