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A doctor tries to reach his patient with a stethoscope, but a man with a clipboard, labeled “Medicine as Business,” stands between the doctor and his patient.

In the Florida projects, sixteen-year-old Jayson struggles with the harsh realities of his life which include an abusive mother, a drug-addicted father, and not fitting in at his predominately white school, and it brings him to the brink of suicide.

This drawing by a 15-year-old Darfuri girl depicts armed Janjaweed militia on horses and camels coming to attack her village. The drawing also shows women who had gone to the market being abducted at gunpoint by Janjaweed militia.

Arabic text in…


When fifteen-year-old Lexi's younger sister Kasey begins behaving strangely and their old Victorian house seems to take on a life of its own, Lexi investigates and discovers some frightening facts about previous occupants of the house, leading her to…

After taking an oath to a seemingly benevolent spirit, a high school girl finds herself changing in frightening ways.

Color lithograph.

Cover and excerpt from Florida Shrimp: From the Sea Through the Market.
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