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Florida Folk Heritage Award recipient and third generation boat builder George Saroukos is the last master builder of Greek sponge boats. During the first half of the 20th century, hundreds of achtermas-style sponge boats were built in Tarpon…

The son of a diver and hook boat captain, Costa John Tsataros (1926-2001) also became a sponge diver. While at sea, he often whittled—creating beautiful sponge boats from blocks of wood. Today his sons John and Steve continue his father’s…

The elevated view reveals the sponge fleet at the Sponge Docks and the Sponge Exchange and view of bridge and surrounding area in 1932. Note the boat yard to the right of the Docks, where boats were built, repaired, and their hulls cleaned.

Sponge boats are moored and crowds walk along the Sponge in 1947. Signs in the background announce a café and an explanation of ceremonies—so perhaps this image was taken during Epiphany.

By 1937, the Sponge Docks are bustling with visitors. Note the many cars parked in front of the sponge fleet, the tourist boat ride at the end of the Sponge Docks, and the large sign announcing the function of the Sponge Exchange to visitors.

This remarkable panoramic view shows a line of sponge boats at the Sponge Docks across from the shops along Dodecanese Boulevard, as well as some boats moored east of the Docks along the banks of the Anclote River in 1932. The new bridge that…

Sponge boats Samarkos Bros, Eleni, Posidon, Anna, Democratia, and Anastases are moored at the Sponge Docks in 1949. Despite the many boats seen here, by the late 1940s the sponge beds had been devastated by a red tide that killed sponges, many…
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