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The Beginning of the Rwandan Genocide

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The Beginning of the Rwandan Genocide


Genocide -- Rwanda.


Oral history video clip featuring Francoise Rudahunga, a Rwandan Genocide survivor. This video was originally produced by Media Entertainment, Inc., for the 2000 documentary The Genocide Factor.


Media Entertainment, Inc.


Genocide Factor Collection, Oral History Program, Tampa Library,
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.


Tampa, Fla. : University of South Florida Tampa Library.




Rudahunga, Francoise


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video / mp4


Oral History


Tape number 4026A



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Well, it started in 1990, when—with the first attack of RPF-Inkotanyi. They arrest him on October 6 till March 21, 1991. We didn’t know where he was for that long, and they tortured him. Yeah, he was—we didn’t know where he was, first, and then they beat him up and take out his nails and stuff like that. And he lost like fifty pounds, sixty maybe, during that six months.

Well, he went into hiding because first we thought the genocide was concerning only men like it used to be. He went into hiding because we thought they’re gonna come just look for him, not for—only for him, and he went to hide in his workplace. Yeah, and that’s where they catch him from, his workplace.

Well, they come at like six o’clock in the morning—like five-thirty, close to six. They knocked and we opened, and they were like, “Where’s your father?” We didn’t want to tell where he was. And they took us in the living room, and we sat down and they were just talking and talking. They then took my mother and they shot her in the head in front of us, and she just died. And they hit on us, my little brother and I. He fainted, but me, I was just running around the house. After they hit on me, too; but me, I was okay. I was better than he was, ’cause he fainted. And they left us, ’cause they thought we were dead. They left us, they left, and after like an hour, some people came to our house. One, okay, he say, “Your mother is dead. Forget her.” And they saw my little brother was still alive, and they took us to a hospital. Yeah.

Well, they shot her first. I mean—first I couldn’t believe it. They moved to my little brother and they hit him in the head with the cross of the gun. They broke his skull and he was just bleeding over his face. And they moved on me. I was running around, and they catch me and they’re hitting me in the head. I was trying to protect my head, so they broke my arms. Yeah. And they hit on me so hard that I fell—I mean, I fell down, and they thought we were dead and they left. That’s how somebody came to our house and took us to the hospital, after like an hour.

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