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"And Then They Came For Me"

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"And Then They Came For Me"


Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)


Oral history video clip featuring Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor. This video was originally produced by Media Entertainment, Inc., for the 2000 documentary The Genocide Factor.


Media Entertainment, Inc.


Genocide Factor Collection, Oral History Program, Tampa Library,
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.


Tampa, Fla. : University of South Florida Tampa Library.




Schloss, Eva


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Oral History


Tape number 4004C

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And then in 1994, I had a phone call from New Jersey, Susan Kerner, and she was a director of a theater in New Brunswick, George Street Playhouse. And she told me she had done The Diary of Anne Frank, which was a play which was produced on Broadway, but many small theaters produced it. And she said there was such great interest in the story, and she was thinking if we couldn’t do another story about other Holocaust survivors who knew Anne, so to broaden this experience of the diary, because the diary stops when the people were arrested and my story goes really deeper and longer after that. So they would really like to make a play with all this incorporated. And she said had already somebody, Ed Silverberg, who knew Anne and who used to be her boyfriend for a short period, and they would like to have Ed Silverberg, my story, and Anne’s story sort of interwoven into a play and if I would cooperate with that. And I agreed to that because—though Anne’s story was known all over the world, I felt really very sad about that, the story of many, many other children. There were one and a half million other Jewish children were killed, but especially the story of my brother was sort of forgotten. And this was going to be a play about my family, and so I was very happy that this was going to happen. So she came and interviewed me, and then they commissioned a playwright, James Still, to write this play. And it was a—Ed and me went over to New Jersey and we did a video, because the action of the actors is interwoven with testimony of Ed and me on a video. So it’s a very interesting play. And it was first going to be a play in just New Jersey, to travel into schools with a question tier and a workshop, with the actors and the students. And it was so successful that the main theatre was asked to put it on for the parents and teachers and people who were interested. And so I went there for five weeks to be part of the discussion of the play. And then it was taken up by Atlanta, who did the same thing: a traveling production, but as well in the main stage in Atlanta. And since then it has been taken up, I think, by seven states. It has been in the Kennedy Center in New York—in Washington; has been in Phoenix, now it’s in Chicago, at the same time it’s in Pittsburgh, it’s going to be—it has been in Boston, it’s going to be in Philadelphia and Las Vegas, and in many, many places. And if possible I go there, because I find it is very important to see when the audience sees the video. It could still be somebody who is dead now. But after the play, the actress that portrays me comes and gets me out of the audience, when the people see that I’m still around and it is not that long ago, really, the children think, “Well, it’s like my grandmother.” And a lot of the audience thinks it’s like their parents who have been saved; perhaps they are children of survivors. And it’s a wonderful experience for me as well, because I share my family, my family life, with these wonderful audiences. And we usually have half an hour to three quarters of an hour of discussion after the play. And people come out with their own memories, with their own feelings; and especially fathers who have a family feel very strong: you know, how they would have felt if they couldn’t have protected their family. And it makes it very, very personal.

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